After a year plus long break from triathlon I lined up for the Coastal Carolina University triathlon this morning, and what better day than on my 30th birthday too.

Morning started with the 4 am wake up and my usual blueberry oatmeal and coffee breakfast.  After rockin to my pre-race play list and making last minute race preparations I was out the door by 5.  Setting up transition went pretty smooth.  I am always one of the first people to pull into the parking lot at races, no need to be stressed and short on time.  Thanks to my sweet iPhone I was able to continue jamming to my pre-race music and stay focused on my race instead of what other people were doing.


Was a bit nervous about this since it was A. a pool swim (only raced open water) and B. pretty sure I lined up behind some people who were slower than me.  Once in the water I started overtaking people.  It was kind of annoying since you couldn’t really pass anyone except at the turn around so I lost a bit of time waiting for the turn.  After passing 3 guys there wasn’t anyone ahead of me and so the rest of the swim was fast.  T1 went really fast and was off on the bike.


About 30 sec into the bike I remembered that I forgot to put the magnet on the race wheel for the bike computer.  I had no idea how fast I was going, and I was pretty much by myself on the bike the whole time.  This made things tricky, because I couldn’t tell if I was loosing time or gaining.  My goal was to be quick on the bike but keep a high cadence so my legs would feel good on the run.  The course had a lot of turns on it and a section through campus with speed bumps.  Not the best combo for a fast bike.  Finished off the bike and was ready to throw on the running shoes.


Had a bit of trouble getting my race shoes to slide on but still made it out of T2 in under 45 sec.  The course didn’t have mile markers on it so figuring out pace was a bit of a guessing game.  I decided to keep pushing the pace and pick off as many people as I could.  About half way through the run my shoe started to really rub the top of my foot.  Glad it was only a 5k run, otherwise I would have lost a lot more skin off my foot.  The run went by quick, but I never felt like my legs opened up, not sure if it was the bike leg of the race or just the week of work and training this past week.  Either way crossed the line feeling generally good about the first race back.

Ended up finishing in 1:04 placing 1st in my new age group, and 4th overall in the women’s division.

All in all, a great morning…… now if the penguins can beat the flyers this afternoon the day will be complete!