Woke up yesterday morning to weather.com saying that at 7am it would be 80 degrees with humidity around 80%….. awesome.  Despite the weather conditions over 650 people showed up for the 8k/5k that morning which was pretty cool.  The race popped off right at 7 and there were more fast people there than I expected.  The first mile went quick and I was on pace to beat my best time even though it was sub-optimal weather.  The race split at about 2 miles and the 8k turned off from the 5k course.

It was at that point that I was so happy I choose the 5k.  Besides the heat and my breakfast not sitting well the race was going pretty well until the end of the first bridge going over the pond.  A rogue duck was attempting to sabotage some peoples race.  Coming off the first bridge this little guy was hidden just beside a bush and was lashing out at runners as they passed.  He nearly got me and two other people just behind me.  Came through the finish and was again thankful that I choose the 5k, and was surprised to see that I was only 20sec off my best time.  I ended up winning my age group in 23:28 so not a bad morning at all.