The Purdue Sprint Tri was the first real race of the season for me. It was also the first test to see how fit I had gotten since starting work with coach Jenny.

The swim was just meh. It’s a snaking pool swim. So it’s crowded and each turn involves diving under the lane line to the next lane. It seems easy, but apparently there is some sort of secret talent to it that I am lacking. Not much else to say about the pool swim.

On to the bike. They changed the bike course this year to an out and back, and so the nasty hill in the middle was eliminated. There was a small tail wind on the way out so it was super fast out to the turn around. There were 2 girls ahead of me and I was able to pass 1 on the way out and saw the other just before the turn around. The head wind for the ride back slowed me down more than I would have liked, but not much can be done about wind. Riding back into campus I was ready to see what the run was going to bring. Run training has been the area that I have improved the most since the fall.

Bike to run transition is always a quick one. Jumped off the bike, quick shoe change, and go. The first part of the run was on a wood chip path and the legs felt like complete crap-o-la. The uneven surface of the path was slowing me down and not helping my stride turn over. The course turned onto pavement after about ½ to ¾ of a mile and it was like there was a switch that flipped and my legs felt awesome, my breathing slowed, and running fast seemed like the only thing possible. I knew there was one person in front of me, but not sure how far ahead. I finally saw her just before the turn around, and her run didn’t look as good as mine felt so I was hopeful. I didn’t have a goal of trying to take the overall win going into the race, but once I saw the other girl I was on a mission. I knew she was too far a head to catch and pass so I just ran as hard as I could to try and take time off of her.

I ended up running faster than I ever ran off the bike or in any 5k for that matter, and it was awesome. I came in 2nd overall with the fastest run time, and the 2nd fastest bike time for the women. It was a good day overall and was good to get to put everything together. So much of the training since working with Coach Jenny has been spent getting me fit and dissecting my running and swimming that it was fun to put all that work into a good race effort.