Slightly…… really late. ¬†Anyways….

Back in July I raced Ironman 70.3 Racine. This was the goal race for the triathlon season this year. I had high hopes of doing another Ironman this year, but with a change in jobs last summer and not really knowing how that would go a half ironman race was a good compromise. The day started out pretty early like usual. We stayed about 30 min away closer to Milwaukee, but after some ridiculousness with closed roads due to construction we made it down to the park to get into transition. Transition was pretty tight and with a lack of space and roads that where still open to traffic the normal bike warm-up was not an option. Decided to walk the 1.5 miles to the swim start and do an easy jog and drills for a warm-up. It wasn’t the best, but it was the best option available.

The swim start was pretty uneventful, standard wave start from the beach. I didn’t get a good start, but that is fairly usual for me. After the first turn it was a long straight swim. I swam along with another girl in my age group for the majority of the swim. It was long and didn’t feel all that awesome. I came out of the water about 5 min behind where I probably should have been, but the water was a little choppy so there was that. The transition from the swim to the bike was a bit long with a decent run up from the water in mostly loose sand. Thankfully there were wetsuit strippers just before entering transition…. one less thing to struggle with.

Out on the bike things were going pretty well. The bike course was pretty good route wise. However, the pavement was by far the worst I have ever ridden on for a race. It was so rough that 90% of the time I was worried something was going to break on my bike from continually hitting the bumps and broken bits of pavement. It was sketchy to say the least, and fairly frustrating because it slowed me down. I came in just over 3 hours on the bike and knew I could have gone way under 3 hours had there been smoother pavement. Out on the run things started to fall apart.

I had struggled with nailing a solid nutrition plan for the past few weeks with some epic failures in training. We put together the best option based on what we knew, but it just wasn’t enough. I started the run right at the end range for my heart rate cap and that was all I had. Legs felt fairly fine for the first lap, but my breathing and heart rate were high despite my best efforts to get them under control. It was pretty frustrating because I knew I was right on with fitness. There just wasn’t enough gas in the tank to carry me through a solid run effort. The second lap of the run started to really fall apart and things slowed even more. I finished with a 24 min PR, but was no where close to where I should have been. It was disappointing to say the least, but every race is a learning experience and they are not all going to be great days even if it is the goal race for the season.