Today is the 3 year cancerversary!  Most people consider Jan 1 the start of their new year.  May 29th is mine.  3 years ago today was my diagnosis day, and what became my worst and best day ever.  Most people won’t understand that and wouldn’t want to constantly remember something like that, but for me it’s the opposite.  It’s a reminder that I was stronger than the thing that tried to break me, and I am a better person because of it.  I got to have a reset button hit on what gratitude really is.  So many people you meet today walk around with a sense of entitlement.  Like the world owes them something because they did this or that or because they are a “good person”.  The truth is, the world doesn’t care.  All you have is today and this moment.  So take stock in what you have.  If you truly want something get up and get after it  And if there is something taking up space in your life that doesn’t truly give you joy….. let it go.

So, here’s to another year of staying grateful, and telling cancer to piss off.


This song by Trevor Hall who is hands down my favorite artist, pretty much sums up the day. Enjoy.

(sidenote: the youtube link automatically pasted the video in.  I did not intentionally use this illegally.)