It’s stupid long after this race happened, but I’m getting back on this blog horse!

This past year I got back to racing longer distance triathlons…. for real this time.  The spring before I was all like “yeah I’m getting back to racing”, and then I did one sprint and nothing else.  For some reason or another I got it in my head again to get back to work, and I even got back to working with a coach.  It was great, working hard doing things in workouts that I wouldn’t even have thought of, ie, tying my feet together while swimming, running excessively fast on a treadmill…. ect.  It was going swimmingly even with a break in December while I had surgery to address some issues with the implants.   Things started rolling really well during the winter and into the spring despite some really stupid shenanigans with my work schedule.   10-12 hour days everyday for about 3 months.  It was brutal.  Not too long into the unrelenting work schedule I had to stop working with my coach.  Surgery bills + student loan bills does not leave a lot left on the table to pay for a coach.  It sucked and I was heart broken.  I knew Alyssa would have guided me to some big break throughs in training and racing and it was so disappointing to have to let that go.  I kept pressing on though and built my own training plan.  Working off the workouts I had learned from Alyssa and filling some holes with other workouts I had read about and felt would fit in well.

Due to my lovely work schedule I can realistically only race from late April to the end of July.  It’s a ridiculously tight window compared to most triathletes that get to race from April/May through October/November.  I ended up getting to race 3 times.  The first race was an olympic distance up in North Carolina.  The race was more of a “go work the kinks out” kind of race.  I drove up the morning of and despite leaving stupid early I still had to park a ways away.  This led to kink #1…. get a better transition bag system.  Parking at the race was pretty light, and I had to park about 3/4 mile away and ride my bike from the car to transition with all of my crap.  Long story long, my reusable grocery sack was a poor choice for this and about caused me to wreak multiple times on the way to transition.  The rest of the race setup and lead up to the start was fairly uneventful.

The swim was a pretty standard lake swim with nothing too crazy.  It ended up just barley being a wetsuit swim, and usually I am all for that, but on this day I decided that I am not a fan of wetsuit swimming anymore.  I believe a big contribution to this is that my wetsuit may be slightly too small which leads to my arms and legs feeling like poop.  Needless to say the swim was just ok.  The bike was windy and a little long, but for the most part good.  But the run was where the wheels came off.  It was hot and 0% shaded.  Kink #2 figure out my gosh darn nutrition.  I absolutely melted on the run because I just didn’t have a plan.  I had a vague idea, but didn’t have it anywhere near dialed in, and it was just bad planning.   I finally made it to the finish and realized kink #3…. figure out these gosh darn blisters I get every race from my run shoes.  I love my shoes, but they just don’t love me.

So that left a few things to work out before Raleigh and Williamsburg…..spoiler alert…. they both go way better 🙂