Rev 3 Williamsburg

This race was the last race of the 2017 season for me.  I had always heard great things about Rev 3 races and this one did not disappoint.  The Rev 3 series has a smaller more laid back feel than the Ironman series events.  The race site was outside of town at a camp ground along the Chickahominy River.  Race morning was super easy as I always get there stupid early, low stress is key.  This came in handy on the morning because for the first time ever I had a flat in transition.  Even after getting that sorted out there was ample time to get everything else sorted, get a quick jog in for a warm up and head to the swim start.

The swim was in the Chickahominy River in kind of an out and back configuration.  The water was warm and brackish so wetsuits were out.  The swim was slightly against the current for the first 1/4 but then after the turn the current carried you along nicely.  The only tricky bit was there were a few shallow spots a long the swim, but the bottom was too squishy to stand and almost too shallow to swim.  Once out on the bike things picked up a bit.

The bike course was a loop out into the country.  There were some small rolling hills and decent amount of shaded sections.  The weather was kind of warm and there was a slight wind, but nothing too menacing on that day.  There were a lot of turns a long the course and everything was very well marked.  The last bit of the ride is a long straight almost time trial like section for the last 12-15 miles.  I didn’t really realize that section was going to be that long so I wasn’t ready for that mental game and missed a sub 3 hour bike split by a min and 21 seconds.  (gotta keep working on that one)

The start of the run goes up and over the bridge over the Chickahominy River.  Its a long steady climb up and then continues out onto the bike and run path along the time trial section of the bike.  For the most part it was shaded which was nice because the sun was out in full force that day.  I get over the bridge and I’m about a mile from the turn around point when I start doing the math in my head.  I had a lot of time and was more than in a good position to go under 6 hours.  The run was a 6 mile out and back course so it was easy to break into 5k sections.  After IM 70.3 Raleigh, the cooling strategy became priority #1, there wasn’t going to be lost time or walking on this day due to heat.  The course clicked by and I also had the first PR of the day by not walking any of the run.  There was some very very slow jogging moments to get water/gatorade/ice at the aid stations, but outside of that it was full work mode.  After hitting the turn around for the second time it was time to drain the tank.  I got to the bridge which meant there was a little over a mile left and just took off.  The only part of the run course that I wasn’t a fan of was the very last bit.  It was all on grass and wrapped around transition.  It was a little uneven in a few sections, but otherwise the finish shoot was great.  Lots of people spectating and cheering, along with cold drinks and ice towels waiting at the finish line.

I finished in 5:49 which was about a 19 min PR at that distance.  It was a great day, and I can’t wait to go back this coming July and see about getting that bike split down a bit. 🙂