Erin Christon the long run

2012 / August 13

The new normal and fun news!

This week is one of the first weeks that I have not had any doctors appointments.  Kind of weird.  I have been getting back into workouts or some sort of consistent workouts.  I’m not cleared to swim yet since public pools and the ocean carry too many germs so I am limited to the bike […]

2012 / August 7

Adios drain tubes!

It was a big day.  The last of the 4 chest drain tubes was removed this afternoon.  I was bummed last week when they only took 3 out and I still had to deal with the one, but only having 1 drain was way better than 4.  I wish I would have taken a better […]

2012 / August 3


Yesterday Aug 2nd we got the full pathology report back from the surgery.  The left side was completely normal while the right side was pretty much what was determined from the scans and biopsies.   They found that the tumor was a ductal carcinoma in situ type 2 and that it was 2.5 cm in size […]

2012 / July 25

Surgery #1

On Monday July 23 I had the first of my surgeries.  This surgery was for the mastectomy part and the insertion of the tissue expander.  I decided to have the mastectomy on both sides even though they only found the tumor on the right side.  I felt that it was better to just do both […]

2012 / July 25

The longest day ever…

Yesterday, June 26th was a marathon of doctor appointments.  The morning started off early as I drove the 2 hours to Charleston to visit with the fertility people.  Apparently I needed to be informed of all of the options should this thing take a turn towards chemo.  After a lengthy and informative discussion about collecting […]