Erin Christon the long run

2013 / June 2

30th Seahorse Triathlon

Going into this race I didn’t really know what to expect. Being ¾ of the way through ironman training I wasn’t really setting myself up for a lot of speed at the olympic distance. An half ironman distance race would have been more ideal to race prior to the ironman, but finding a decent olympic […]

2013 / May 4

Boiler Sprint Tri

So I just remembered that I never posted a race report for the Boiler Sprint Race that was a month ago. So last month I went down to Purdue to race the Purdue Tri Club’s spring race.  The sprint race has really grown since I was involved in the club, and has become a pretty […]

2013 / April 19

Empty Cup

So prior to Monday I had planned on writing a really fun post about my birthday which was on Monday the 15th, but with all that transpired that afternoon it didn’t really seem fitting.  Today I found something else to write about.  Every Friday morning Oiselle posts a contest on twitter.  They ask everyone following […]

2013 / March 25

New look for the website

Thanks to my brother the web developer I have this new fancy shmancy website for the blog!

2013 / March 25

Warmer Climate

This past week I escaped from the cold snowy and sunless land of Indiana and headed south to Fort Myers Beach, FL. The trip was for a family vacation, but I successfully turned it into a mini training camp. Fort Myers Beach is not the most ideal location for serious training but I managed to […]

2012 / December 31

A Year-End Review!

A lot that can happen in year.  Some things perhaps more significant than others, but regardless all important in one way or the other.  So here is my rundown of the recent trip around the sun. 1. Living in the south. 2. Running outside in January & February in shorts and a t-shirt. 3. Seeing alligators in the wild. […]