Erin Christon the long run

2012 / December 31

A Year-End Review!

A lot that can happen in year.  Some things perhaps more significant than others, but regardless all important in one way or the other.  So here is my rundown of the recent trip around the sun. 1. Living in the south. 2. Running outside in January & February in shorts and a t-shirt. 3. Seeing alligators in the wild. […]

2012 / November 26

Thanksgiving Week

Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning I ran the Valparaiso Turkey Trot.  It was a pretty decent size race with over 3000 people running the 5 and 10k that morning.  The race went exceptionally well.  I decided to run the 10k to change it up from the 5k races I have been doing lately.  Thanksgiving morning was […]

2012 / October 12

Kick the tires and light the fires

This is the last full week of living in Myrtle Beach, and it has been full of packing.  I kind of feel like (and I am going to be a bit more of a nerd here than normal) that scene in the last Harry Potter movie where they get stuck in the vault and everything […]

2012 / August 25

Can’t think of a witty title….

On Tuesday this past week I had the first saline injection into the tissue expanders.  The entire process is kind of cool.  The expander has a special port where the fluid is injected into, but since everything is under your skin they use a magnet to locate the position of the port.  After marking out […]

2012 / August 13

The new normal and fun news!

This week is one of the first weeks that I have not had any doctors appointments.  Kind of weird.  I have been getting back into workouts or some sort of consistent workouts.  I’m not cleared to swim yet since public pools and the ocean carry too many germs so I am limited to the bike […]

2012 / August 7

Adios drain tubes!

It was a big day.  The last of the 4 chest drain tubes was removed this afternoon.  I was bummed last week when they only took 3 out and I still had to deal with the one, but only having 1 drain was way better than 4.  I wish I would have taken a better […]