Erin Christon the long run

2012 / July 25

Surgery #1

On Monday July 23 I had the first of my surgeries.  This surgery was for the mastectomy part and the insertion of the tissue expander.  I decided to have the mastectomy on both sides even though they only found the tumor on the right side.  I felt that it was better to just do both […]

2012 / July 25

The longest day ever…

Yesterday, June 26th was a marathon of doctor appointments.  The morning started off early as I drove the 2 hours to Charleston to visit with the fertility people.  Apparently I needed to be informed of all of the options should this thing take a turn towards chemo.  After a lengthy and informative discussion about collecting […]

2012 / July 25

MRI and more ultrasound fun

So at my last follow-up appointment I got the results from the MRI I had done.  The good news is that it showed the lump in the right side as expected, but the bad news is that there were two more new spots found in left side.  This sucked to hear because it just added […]

2012 / July 25


Mom flew in Thursday night and Friday morning June 1st we met with the radiation oncologist.  This was an incredibly informative meeting.  I’m not sure if the doctor was really ready for me though.  After 3 days of coming to terms with this cancer business I was able to start looking at it in my […]

2012 / July 25

There is never a good way to say it……

First of all I want to point out that I am in no way writing this so other people feel sorry for me or posting this as a way to complain about my problems.  The intent of telling my story is that maybe someone else finds this and is able to take something away from […]

2012 / July 5

4th of July 5K

Woke up yesterday morning to saying that at 7am it would be 80 degrees with humidity around 80%….. awesome.  Despite the weather conditions over 650 people showed up for the 8k/5k that morning which was pretty cool.  The race popped off right at 7 and there were more fast people there than I expected.  […]