Erin Christon the long run

2017 / November 3

IM Raleigh 70.3

IM Raleigh 70.3 was the first of 2 half ironman distance races that I did this summer.  I had high hopes for this race going in and was pretty excited about it.  I had not done a 70.3 in a while and I felt this was going to be a good race.  I traveled to […]

2017 / October 2

Race Kinks

It’s stupid long after this race happened, but I’m getting back on this blog horse! This past year I got back to racing longer distance triathlons…. for real this time.  The spring before I was all like “yeah I’m getting back to racing”, and then I did one sprint and nothing else.  For some reason […]

2017 / February 20

The 5k +

Oak Island 5k Woke up at the bright and early time of 3:30am for some pre race breakfast and was on the way to North Carolina just after 4.  Made it to the race site nice and early, which was good because there was 3 races going on that morning and waves of people trying […]

2016 / June 8

Catching Up Spring 2016

The high points: 1. Raced a triathlon after an 11 month hiatus, and won it.  The short story…. Coastal Carolina Univ Sprint Tri: it was very cold, like 34 deg cold, couldn’t feel my legs for 90% of the run, but made the best of it and powered through. 2. Raced a few 5ks: St. Patrick’s Day […]

2015 / May 29

3 years of giving cancer the middle finger!

Today is the 3 year cancerversary!  Most people consider Jan 1 the start of their new year.  May 29th is mine.  3 years ago today was my diagnosis day, and what became my worst and best day ever.  Most people won’t understand that and wouldn’t want to constantly remember something like that, but for me […]

2014 / October 31

Chicago Triathlon

Making it a habit of posting race reports months later, but better late than never. The race was good even though there was some serious shenanigans the night before. SO…… Saturday drove to Chicago early afternoon just in time for the massive rain storm to come through…….naturally, I don’t have proper rain gear with me […]