Hello, I'm Erin

I help athletes pursue goals based around individual schedules and challenges.

About Me

I've been racing in endurance sports since 2000. I started as a collegiate rower and continued to find the next hardest thing. Landing on triathlon in 2005, I've raced every distance from sprint to full Ironman across the US.

I hold a masters degree in athletic training with numerous years working in Div I collegiate athletics. I have a special interest in injury prevention, strength, recovery, and nutrition for life and performance. I'm a level 1 certified USAT coach, and love coaching athletes of all abilities and backgrounds. I believe triathlon racing and training should be sustainable and lifelong for the athlete.

Memberships / Certifications

  • Certified Athletic trainer
  • Certified Level I USAT coach
  • Functional Movement Screen certified
  • Precision Nutrition Level I Certification


I work with athletes of varying abilities and backgrounds. The magic comes from doing and putting together all the little things. I enjoy working with athletes looking to form a sustainable healthy athletic life. I create individual programs to pursue challenging goals based around individual schedules and challenges.


Training Plan

Utilizing TrainingPeaks, individual training plans are delivered in 1-2 week schedules. This ensures thoughtful layout of individual needs and flexibility are met. All plans are based off of the individuals annual training plan and will progress through 3-4 week training blocks. I utilize the 80/20 training process to keep things simple and efficient. Premium TrainingPeaks account is included.

Nutrition Strategy Planning

Nutrition can make or break race day, and it starts from day one in every training session. My goal is to help make fueling as stress free as possible. We will break this down and find what works best to maximize the benefits in training and racing.


Communication is paramount in the athlete coach relationship. Feedback on workouts, questions, comments, all help make the process more successful. Text and email are unlimited. Pre-race phone call check-ins for races and periodic check-ins as needed are also included.

Race Selection and Planning

Not sure what races to do and when? Together we will find the line up that will get you to your goal race feeling confident and ready.

Video Analysis

Swim and/ or run video analysis will be helpful to identify areas of form and technique that may need special attention. While in person assessment may not always be possible, video breakdown is always available and will be used when possible to assess form.

Mobility Assessment

Similar to swim and run video analysis I like to incorporate a mobility assessment into the mix. Especially with the changing times, increased working from home, and increased sitting that comes with most jobs. Mobility restrictions can develop in the body. Leading to diminished performance in workouts and over time may increase the chance for injury.

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